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Introducing the Marmalade cocktail and dessert

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The team at Marmalade Trust are thrilled to be partnering with Heineken on a cause which is incredibly important to both of us.

At Marmalade Trust we know just how prevalent loneliness is amongst those living in the UK and we also know how important the role pubs can play in bringing people together and fostering connections is . With Heineken’s support, we hope to be able to raise even more awareness of loneliness across all demographics in society, and most importantly continue to provide people with the resources that they need to feel and get more connected through the Star Pubs & Bars estate and the wider hospitality industry.

Star Pubs & Bars are using the winter food and drinks menus in its managed operator pubs to fundraise and raise awareness of our important work. The company has created a marmalade-themed dessert and cocktail and will make a donation on behalf of consumers to Marmalade Trust for each of these items sold, as well as including information about Marmalade Trust on menus. .

Star Pubs & Bars’ managing director, Lawson Mountstevens says: “Statistics show that many of us experience loneliness. This can increase over the festive period. As hubs of the community, pubs are ideally placed to make a difference. Our new fundraising cocktail and dessert are an easy way for pubs to raise money for an important cause at a busy time of year. We hope they will also open up helpful conversations and support around loneliness amongst customers.”

Amy Perrin, our Founder/CEO says: “Talking about loneliness can be hard, so it’s fantastic to see Star Pubs & Bars using this opportunity to discuss loneliness in so many pubs around the country. The more we discuss loneliness, the more we can help move to a society where people feel comfortable speaking openly and increase social connections. Pubs play a vital role in bringing people together, and are the perfect setting to do this.”

We can't wait to try the Marmalade cocktail and dessert!


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