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Join our team.

We’re dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness and helping people make new friendships. Join us!

Current vacancies

​We are not currently hiring. Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates on vacancies!

About Marmalade Trust 

In the past few years, we have gained international recognition for the work we're doing, and we're proud of our friendly and supportive charity culture with our small team for bringing the magic! Each member of the team brings their passionate and unique expertise together in a united effort to raise awareness of loneliness and support and empower people to make new connections. Working at Marmalade Trust is an opportunity to make a real and positive impact. Read more about what we do → 

At Marmalade Trust, we want to create a genuinely inclusive workplace, where we embrace the differences of all our colleagues and celebrate diversity. We love to see applications from underrepresented groups and welcome applications from individuals, regardless of their background. 

"It's lovely to be out on Christmas Day, the excitement of getting ready to go out, to be with other families and feel you belong all together. Thank you Marmalade Trust."

- Margaret, Marmalade member

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