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Christmas Cheer

Bringing joy and companionship to people who would otherwise be alone on Christmas Day in our area.

Christmas time usually conjures up joyful images of family and friends celebrating, exchanging gifts, excited chatter and delicious food. For some people, however, it can be a dreaded, sad and lonely time. Marmalade Trust understands how difficult Christmas can be for someone who is struggling with loneliness.


We don’t want anyone to spend Christmas Day alone if they don’t want to, so we invite them to join us for a free festive lunch on the big day, or a doorstep visit. Members are those who feel particularly lonely and isolated this year, for example, a person of an older age who may have no family or friends around. Everyone is made to feel part of the Marmalade family!


What people say

“This was the first time in 16 years I was not alone on Christmas Day. I’ve got some lovely memories!"

Marmalade Member, Christmas Cheer

Last Christmas...

This winter, we are proud to have brought joy and companionship to 222 of the most isolated and lonely people in our region. Everyone who joined us was made to feel part of our Marmalade family and were supported by our network of over 160 wonderful volunteers.

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More ways to help...

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We couldn’t do what we do without the amazing support of our volunteers. Join us!

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Join our 1500 club as an organisation or individual to raise vital funds.



Monthly or one-off contributions make such a meaningful impact to us.

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