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Christmas Cheer.

Bringing joy and companionship to people who would otherwise be alone on Christmas Day.

Christmas time usually conjures up joyful images of family and friends celebrating, exchanging gifts, excited chatter and delicious food. For some people, however, it can be a dreaded, sad and lonely time. Marmalade Trust understands how difficult Christmas can be for someone who is struggling with loneliness.


We don’t want anyone to spend Christmas Day alone if they don’t want to, so we invite them to join us for a free festive lunch on the big day, or a doorstep visit. Members are those who feel particularly lonely and isolated this year, for example, a person of an older age who may have no family or friends around. Everyone is made to feel part of the Marmalade family!

"It means everything to know someone cares. Without Marmalade Trust, I wouldn't have spoken to or seen anyone over Christmas. I'm so grateful."

Referrals are open!

We are offering joyous Christmas Day lunchtime meal events in local pubs and restaurants for those who would otherwise be spending the day alone and would love some company.  Please see the eligibility criteria.

We are also be offering a doorstep festive social visit for those whose physical or mental health mean they are unable to attend an event. The doorstep visit with a friendly volunteer is a great way to enjoy the festivities and conversation on Christmas Day. 

Image by Kieran White

"My huge thank you for such a wonderful day. It was truly marvellous, everyone was so friendly and kind. I have not known anything like it before.  If you are doing anything in the future I would love to be involved. What a wonderful organisation"

Elibility criteria

Eligibility for Christmas Cheer 2023

We can accept people who

  • Would otherwise be alone on Christmas Day (no family, friends or neighbours to see on Christmas Day) and feeling lonely most or all the time

  • Live in Bristol, South Gloucestershire or North Somerset

  • Live on their own, in their own home, rented or owned, (i.e. not a nursing home or sheltered housing where meals are provided in the company of others)

  • Are comfortable making and remembering the necessary arrangements with volunteers

  • Are not experiencing a mental health crisis or drug/alcohol abuse

For meal events

  • Are able to self-mobilise (this can include wheelchair users who can self-transfer), get in & out of transport, and be happy seated at a table with other members and volunteers, and look after their own personal care

For doorstep visits

  • Are able to come to their door, receive a gift and have a chat (Our volunteers are not able to enter properties)

We are unable to take forward referrals which do not also include the referrers’ contact details. This information is vital for us in situations where we cannot get hold of someone or if we are unable to take them forward for the option selected.


If you would like to take part, please call our small, friendly team on 07566 244788 who will discuss the options with you. 

Last Christmas...

We are proud to have brought joy and companionship to 200 of the most isolated and lonely people in our region! Pre-Christmas visits were made, and 124 older people enjoyed Christmas Cheer events at restaurants across Bristol on Christmas Day. For those who couldn't join us, 79 doorstep visits were made. Everyone received hampers full of gifts and handmade cards, and over 600+ phone calls from volunteers were made over the season. We are incredibly proud to have had the support of over 160 kind volunteers.

How to support us this Christmas...

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We couldn’t do what we do without the amazing support of our volunteers. Join us!

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Join our 1500 club as an organisation or individual to raise vital funds.



Monthly or one-off contributions make such a meaningful impact to us.

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