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Christmas Cheer.

Bringing joy and companionship to people who would otherwise be alone on Christmas Day.

Christmas time usually conjures up joyful images of family and friends celebrating, exchanging gifts, excited chatter and delicious food. For some people, however, it can be a dreaded, sad and lonely time. Marmalade Trust understands how difficult Christmas can be for someone who is struggling with loneliness.


We don’t want anyone to spend Christmas Day alone if they don’t want to, so we invite them to join us for a free festive lunch on the big day. Members are those who feel particularly lonely and isolated this year, for example, a person of an older age who may have no family or friends around.

Everyone who joins us is made to feel part of our Marmalade family and is supported by our network of friendly volunteers. We currently hold our lunches in pubs or restaurants throughout Bristol, South Gloucestershire and the North Somerset region. Each member also receives a special hamper full of gifts and a 'Connection Advent Calendar'. 

"It means everything to know someone cares. Without Marmalade Trust, I wouldn't have spoken to or seen anyone over Christmas. I'm so grateful."

Last Christmas...

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted an alternative to our normal Christmas events. We are proud to have brought joy and companionship to 192 of the most isolated and lonely people in our region.


Marmalade members received weekly calls from a friendly volunteer, a 'Connection Advent Calendar', a delicious meal delivered, and hamper + doorstep visit on Christmas Day. We were also able to spread the word live on BBC Breakfast and BBC Bristol on Christmas morning.

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Volunteer this Christmas!

Thank you for your interest - we are currently closed to applications for event and doorstep volunteers but we are still open to applications for Marmalade Companion Volunteers. Please take a look and apply here to become a Marmalade Companion volunteer instead.

We would be so grateful if you could share our Christmas fundraiser on social media. 

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Join us or refer someone you know

Due to limited places we are now closed to Christmas Cheer 2021 referrals - we are still open to Marmalade Companions referrals. For further information and to make a referral to Marmalade Companions click here.     

If you have any questions about Christmas Cheer 2021 please email us at  or call us on 07566 244788 if you have any questions.