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Loneliness in the summer holidays

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

We know summer holidays can be filled with fun adventures and exciting plans, and it's easy to get caught up in the highlights you see on your friends' social media pages. But remember, social media doesn't always show the full picture. Even when it seems like everyone around you is having a blast, it's essential to remember that loneliness can affect anyone, regardless of how busy or popular they may seem.

Loneliness isn't about the number of plans you have or the places you go—it's about the absence of meaningful connections. It's a feeling that can creep in, even when you're surrounded by people. So, if you ever find yourself feeling lonely during this summer holidays, know that you're not alone. Loneliness is incredibly common, and it's okay to acknowledge and address it.

Recent research by the National Citizen Service (NCS) has revealed that over half of teenagers experience loneliness during their time off from school, with a quarter of them saying the holidays as their loneliest period of the entire year.

Remember, true connection goes beyond the filters and carefully curated posts. It's about understanding, support, and the genuine friendships that make us feel seen and valued. So, embrace this opportunity to reach out, connect with others, and create meaningful memories together.

Is it normal to feel lonely during the summer holidays?

We know that the summer holidays can sometimes feel like everyone else is having the time of their lives, while you might be feeling left out. But remember, you're not alone in your experiences.

Feeling lonely during the summer holidays is a common experience, especially when transitioning from a busy school environment to unstructured days. Social media and technology, while offering new ways to stay in touch, can sometimes contribute to feelings of isolation as face-to-face interactions decrease. However, it's important to remember that experiencing loneliness is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. It's a natural part of the human experience, and we can take positive steps to address it.

Our tips for summer loneliness

Try to stay connected

Maintaining connections with friends is vital during the summer break. Instead of relying solely on social media, make an effort to reach out and plan face-to-face meet-ups. A simple text to organise a get-together can go a long way in nurturing meaningful relationships and helping you feel connected.

Structure your days

Creating a routine during the summer holidays can help alleviate feelings of aimlessness and unproductivity. It doesn't have to be rigid; simple tasks like waking up at a regular time and setting aside time for hobbies or interests can provide a sense of organisation and purpose.

Keep active

Being active, whether it's going for a walk around the block, playing a sport, or going for a bike ride, can boost both physical and mental well-being. The release of endorphins through exercise can help reduce stress and enhance overall mood.

Take time to rest

The summer holidays are a chance to rest and recharge. Give yourself permission to take a break from the demands of school and focus on activities that bring joy and relaxation. Self-care is essential for maintaining mental health.

Reach out

When we're feeling lonely, it can be helpful to take a moment to reach out to someone you trust—a friend, a family member, or even a mentor. Share your feelings and let them know that you might be experiencing loneliness. Sometimes, simply talking about it can help ease the burden and open doors to meaningful connections. If you've been feeling lonely for a long time and it's begun to impact your mental health, you could also reach out to your GP for advice.

The summer holidays are a time of relaxation and fun, but for many of us, they can also bring feelings of loneliness. It's essential to remember that experiencing loneliness during this period is entirely normal and not something to be ashamed of. By staying connected with friends, maintaining a daily routine, engaging in physical activities, and prioritising self-care, we can enhance our well-being and make the most of the summer break.

If you or someone you know is struggling with loneliness during the summer holidays, remember that support is available. Numerous charities and helplines are ready to lend a listening ear and provide assistance. Let's embrace connection, compassion, and understanding as we navigate the summer months.


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