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Letters of loneliness

In this guest blog, editor James Withey tells us about The Recovery Letters, a new book that is helping to combat loneliness.

“Feeling lonely feels cold. In fact it feels freezing and you don’t think you’re ever going to be warm again.

That awful ache in your stomach, the gap in your soul, the feeling that you’re unlovable and unlike everyone else. And everyone around you seems to be happy and laughing with friends and family.

What we need when we feel that alone is hope that things will change and some advice about what we could do to make things easier.

In a new book published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, we’re gathering people’s experiences of loneliness and how they overcame them. These stories are written in the form of an open letter to someone alone now, with the intention of alleviating some of their pain.

By sharing our experiences of loneliness we reach out to others and say: ‘We were there too, it was horrible but it passed and it will for you too’.

If you’d like more information do e-mail us, we love to hear from you and we can tell you more about submitting a letter.”

Editor- James Withey


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