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Kali’s story of loneliness

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

It’s a common misconception that loneliness is something people experience as they get older. In fact, loneliness is a common emotion that affects all ages and walks of life. Kali is a third year student living in Nottingham and despite having a large group of friends and family, she’s been feeling isolated.

“I’ve always had friends, a loving family and I do well in social environments.”

Rather than speaking about her feelings, Kali retreated into herself and stayed at home, avoiding social situations. She felt as if others mistook her seclusion as strength and the ability to be independent. After some time, she decided to channel her feelings into a video which helped her to identify and express her emotions.

“For so long I’ve struggled to decide what this feeling is. This numb ache that seems to have no cure. I wonder how I got here. I want community, I want family, I want love.”

Loneliness has a stigma attached to it and this is often the reason why people don’t voice how they feel. It may feel like a mountain to climb, but there are many ways to overcome loneliness. One way is to open up about our feelings.

“I find it quite ironic how most of us go through loneliness but decide not to confide in each other. It’s more than a feeling but a strange unhealthy habit to be broken.”

Volunteering is another way of making friendships and increasing our confidence in social situations. Kali reached out to us at The Marmalade Trust and volunteered to share her experience of loneliness with others who are in the same boat.

“I hope through sharing my experience, someone else like me can see that they are not alone in their circumstances.”


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