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Introducing our new Chair of Trustees!

Marmalade Trust are incredibly pleased to welcome Elizabeth Raffle as our new Chair of Trustees! 🎉

Elizabeth is taking over from Richard Frost who has expertly guided us over the last few years. It’s an exciting time for Marmalade Trust, and we’ll be putting Elizabeth’s extensive experience to good use by supporting us in the next phase of our development.

Welcome Elizabeth! 👋 Tell us about yourself

I’m a Bristolian with 2 grown up (ish) children, have recently set up my own business specialising in Finance Transformation, am trustee at St George’s Trust in Bristol and a would-be musician.

What interested you in becoming chair of Marmalade Trust?

I was aware of the fantastic work the Trust does to provide lunch and companionship at Christmas time, to people on their own. The last 18 months of lockdown and limited social contact has had a devastating effect on so many people, and the work that the Trust does is more important than ever before. Then I spoke to Amy Perrin, Marmalade Trust’s founder; I was blown away by her energy and vision and really wanted to work with her.

What makes raising awareness of loneliness an important issue for you?

We tend to think that loneliness is the same as being on your own, rather than our social needs not being met. From my own experience, I particularly empathise with single mums who are always busy looking after the children, but perhaps without the adult social contact they need.

What do you hope to achieve as chair?

The Trust has so many ideas of things it would like to do. My job, along with the other trustees, is to help realise as many of those as possible, growing in a controlled and sustainable way.

What do you think will be the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of the role?

We are so excited about reinstating the Christmas Day lunch this year although there are plenty of Covid-related challenges to address. I know these events mean so much to our members and it’s a privilege to be part of that.

Since Marmalade Trust is a Bristol-based charity, tell us your favourite thing about Bristol?

I love Bristol because there is always so much going on, particularly in the arts. I love the architecture and green spaces. I’ve lived here most of my life but I’m still discovering new places.

And your favourite place in Bristol?

That’s impossible so I’ll tell you the latest new places I’ve been instead. In the last couple of weeks I’ve discovered The Coconut Tree – serving Sri Lankan street food – when the restaurant I’d booked had to close, and I spent last Friday night in the basement of Sidney & Eden, on Gloucester Road, dancing to a live swing band, after a quick dance lesson in my kitchen.


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