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Festive fundraising at Wards Solicitors

Here at Marmalade Trust, we rely on the generous donations of individuals and organisations to make our Christmas day lunches a reality. This year we have been inundated with requests from people who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas day, and as a result we are hosting 5 lunches at venues across Bristol. We invite all of our guests as friends, meaning fundraising is even more vital than ever this year.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to long-term supporters Wards Solicitors, whose dedicated staff, led by Rebecca Purchase, got together to hold cake sales, make decorations to sell, and even hold dress-down days. All 11 of Wards offices are getting into the Marmalade Spirit, and so far they’ve raised over £600 – and counting! Organiser Rebecca Purchase said: “I became involved in Marmalade Trust last year after attending a local sewing bee. In our line of work we meet clients everyday that maybe do not have family, or have periods when they’re lonely. I tried researching to find local charities that provided befriending or groups that clients could attend but have to admit I struggled to find anything suitable. Marmalade Trust was perfect in that it not only provided somewhere for people to go on Christmas day, which is undoubtedly the loneliest day of the year,  but they provide their attendees with a buddy and help find activities and groups for the attendees to go to all year round. It is a service that we have been able to refer clients to and have seen first-hand the difference it has made to people’s lives.

“It has become a great charity to support during the festive season as it not only allows us to help people celebrate Christmas but it also brings us closer as a firm and allows everyone to get into the festive spirit.”

Rebecca has also created a special guide packed full of ideas to run your own sewing bee and make Christmas decorations, which we can sell at The Lounge Bars in Bristol. To find out more and download the guide, click to visit our fundraising section >>


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