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Bringing people together with dance

To mark the beginning of Loneliness Awareness Week 2020, Life Dancers Bristol gathered for a socially-distanced performance full of joy! At Marmalade Trust, we love their ethos and the way they have proactively worked to combat feelings of loneliness and stay connected during lockdown. 

Here’s a few words from the founder of the group, Alexandra.

“Our Dance Outside video is about bringing people together in these constrained times.

I gathered a few people like you and me to dance outside as part of Loneliness Awareness Week 2020, demonstrating that people may meet and share even if it is only outside and distanced at present.

We dancers have all been self isolating and missed our dance sessions in the studio. The relief and joy of dancing together again but distanced, show that we can take back some control of our lives and make things happen.  Understandably people are fearful of going out, so “whistle a happy tune” and pretend you’re not afraid. “Just do It”, be brave.”

Making connections

If you are feeling lonely because of a lack of satisfying social contact in your life, you could try to meet more, or different people.

Try to join a class or group based on your hobbies or interests. You could try local Facebook groups, or websites like to find groups that interest you.

If you are able to, volunteering is a good way of meeting people. Helping others can also really help improve your mental health.

Interested in learning more about loneliness? Check out our guide here.


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