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4 ways to feel less lonely in July

At Marmalade HQ, we're still smiling after the huge success of Loneliness Awareness Week 2024! We were blown away with the number of individuals, businesses, organisations, schools and public figures who got involved to make this year's campaign our biggest and best yet.

Do you find that people are more social and friendly during the spring and summer months? Maybe its the warmer weather and longer days, the increased sunlight improving our mood of the beauty of nature in full bloom. Spending time in nature has been shown to reduce stress and promote feelings of happiness too.

I find it easier to come up with ways to spend time with friends, family or colleagues, which helps me to manage feelings of loneliness. Going out for an ice cream, walking around a nice garden, having a picnic or a drink in pub garden are all easy choices!

less lonely in july

As part of our monthly series, we've put our heads together and found four opportunities or ways to feel less lonely and build meaningful connections in July - one for each week. As always, comment below, or drop us a line on social media to share your connection ideas.

What's on

Events across the UK bring people together during the month of July. When I lived alone and found myself feeling lonely, I knew that I could make a special occasion out of something like Glastonbury or Wimbledon, either by inviting a friend round to watch it on telly, or making a solo night of it, with my favourite food and drinks! Here's a selection of the many events happening across the UK in July:

Arguably the most famous tennis tournament in the world, the Wimbledon Championships have been played since 1877 and tickets are always in fierce demand. The championships lasts approximately two weeks, or until all events are complete.

It’s a rare opportunity to be invited into an artist’s creative space, but in the Isle of Wight, they’re happy to fling open their doors every July for you to come and take a look. Location: Newport, Isle of Wight

As the world’s largest annual flower show it’s a plant lover’s paradise, and is packed with stunning show gardens, floral displays, and plenty of garden inspiration. 

The jewel in the crown of British Motorsports, Silverstone is a fast circuit with a series of complex high-speed turns, and a short straight to add to the excitement. Average cornering speeds are higher than at any other championship racetrack. 

Take a kite to Southsea Common and get involved in one of the world's biggest and best kite festivals. Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire

Explore the palace’s lavishly furnished State Rooms – where the King and members of the Royal Family receive and entertain guests on state, ceremonial and official occasions – and admire some of the greatest treasures from the Royal Collection.

less lonely in july

Get out there

Make the most of the longer days and warmer weather by getting outdoors! The National Trust host organised walks around their beautiful properties, perfect for history lovers to meet likeminded people. Search 'National Trust organised walks' to find one near you.

Have you heard of an organisation called the Ramblers? They support people to spend time walking outdoors, through its programmes and community. Search for walks near you here.

The Countryside Charity have lots of fantastic volunteer opportunities across the UK from practical help to countryside co-ordinators and admin support. A great way to do good while enjoying time outside. Search for a role here.

less lonely in July

Try a team sport

We all know that sports allow us to get some exercise and fresh air, but playing a team sport comes with lots of extra benefits.

In fact, this 2021 study found that those who played a team sport attended three times as many social events each week compared with those who didn’t. Additional research suggests that playing a team sport can also help to boost self-esteem and foster a sense of belonging.

From popular sports like football and netball to more unconventional ones like disc golf and water polo, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can even give lower-intensity versions of popular sports a try – for example, walking netball and walking football.

How to feel less lonely in July

Feel good food

Food plays a huge part in how we feel, and research has shown that people experiencing chronic or long term loneliness have a lower intake of protein, fruits and vegetables in their diet. Longer term loneliness also has an effect on appetite, from a lack of motivation to cook and eating less, to higher consumption of unhealthy foods and alcohol.

Here on our website, nutritional therapist Susie Strachan explains how choosing the right foods can have a beneficial effect on our moods and our social lives. With so much fresh, delicious fruits in season, making healthy swaps might feel easier in July.


In the month of July, we have the opportunity to cultivate meaningful connections and ease feelings of loneliness. By finding local events, spending time outside, volunteering, and trying new things, we can foster connections and make a positive impact on our well-being and the well-being of others.

Embrace the power of connection, and remember, even the smallest moments of connection can make a big difference. Let me know how you get on!

Meg at Marmalade Trust


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