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You’re not alone in feeling alone

When we’re living with loneliness, it can feel like we’re the only person suffering. Especially when the world around is seems to be full of people with happy lives: in TV dramas, on the news, in romance books or online. We can end up feeling like we’re standing out in the cold, or on the sidelines, ignored and forgotten about, looking in on a party that we haven’t been invited to. The reality is that party probably doesn’t exist.

Here’s a few reasons why:

Loneliness affects far more people than you think.

Loneliness affects us all in our lifetimes. When we go day-to-day with little or no social contact, or we don’t see family of friends, we can feel completely isolated. But for every person who feels like that, there will be even more who feel exactly the same. It’s a vicious circle: the lonelier we get, the more alone we feel. But just think of all your good qualities and what you still have to offer life. Isn’t there a very big chance that there are people out there just like you – who would love to meet up? And they might be even closer than you think…

Being lonely doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you

Lots of us can feel embarrassed about admitting we’re lonely. We somehow feel that it’s our fault, or that there is something wrong with us. Not true. Loneliness isn’t a social disease, it’s just a lack of social connections. Feeling lonely is a very human, normal emotion. Try to work on building up your community and the people around you, rather than bringing yourself down.

Loneliness can bring people together

People come together over common themes or shared experiences in life – and loneliness is one of them! Don’t be afraid to tell people that you’re lonely. Be proactive and follow it up with how you would like to start meeting more people. Ask people you speak to for ideas on any local events that are going on. Or you could even put on a coffee morning and invite people along. Once we all start talking and connecting, the battle with loneliness is half done!


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