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Learn about loneliness

By building our understanding of loneliness, we can help ourselves and others to manage the feeling.


This popular guide covers everything from what loneliness is to who experiences it and the long-term effects of loneliness.


We can unintentionally stigmatise loneliness even further by the way we talk about it. So how can we change the language around loneliness?

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The latest statistics about loneliness help us to understand more about the risk factors and the impact it can have on different areas of our lives.


If you’re going to know a few key things about loneliness, know these!


From childhood, through adulthood to old age, there are numerous times when we are more likely to experience loneliness. Take a look at common key life indicators.


Most of us will experience loneliness in our lives – it's a normal human emotion. What are the stages we’re most likely to feel lonely and what can we do about it?


It’s important to have as much understanding as possible about how loneliness can impact our health and what we can to do avoid that. 


You are not alone - we all experience loneliness. Here are some FAQs all about loneliness to learn more about this misunderstood emotion.


Loneliness and isolation are not the same. Here we unpack the differences between the two terms often used together. 

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