Learn about loneliness.

By building our understanding of loneliness, we can help ourselves and others to manage the feeling.


Guide to loneliness

This popular guide covers everything from what loneliness is to who experiences it and the long term effects of loneliness Read more > 

How to talk about loneliness

We can unintentionally stigmatise loneliness even further by the way we talk about it. So how can we change the language around loneliness?

Read more >

Frequently asked questions answered

You are not alone - we all experience loneliness. It's a completely natural human emotion. Here are some FAQs all about loneliness to learn more about this misunderstood emotion. Read more > 

Marmalade's quick guide to loneliness

If you’re going to know six things about loneliness, know these! Did you know that loneliness comes in different forms, for example?  Read more >

Key life indicators for loneliness

From childhood, through adulthood to old age, there are numerous times when we are more likely to experience loneliness. Take a look at common key life indicators. Read more >

Loneliness across our lifetime

Most of us will experience loneliness in our lives – it's a normal human emotion. What are the stages we’re most likely to feel lonely and what can we do about it? Read more >

The physical effects of loneliness

It’s important to have as much understanding as possible about how loneliness can impact our health and what we can to do avoid that. Read more >

Are you feeling lonely?

Loneliness can often feel overwhelming and something out of our control, so it can be useful to have a starting point. To help you and others to feel less lonely we have framed it into three parts...

  1. Acknowledge loneliness in yourself or others

  2. Identify what you or they need

  3. Take the appropriate action