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The surprising ways to self care

Next week is National Self Care Week in the UK.

The term ‘self care’ has become an increasingly popular way to look after yourself in general health and wellbeing terms but self care for loneliness is also really important. If you are experiencing loneliness, being kind and compassionate towards yourself can really help to alleviate the negative feelings that often accompany social isolation.

Looking after your loneliness

What can you do for yourself on a personal level to feel happier and more connected? The lovely thing about self-care is that it is always available to you – because you are in charge of making it happen! Self care can mean many things: from relaxing in a hot bath to eating healthily to increasing your amount of social connections. What makes you feel happy? Who makes you happy? How can you comfort yourself right now? Small daily acts of treating and nourishing yourself can have a really positive emotional effect.

Next week we’ll be offering some handy self care tips for loneliness on our social media channels but here are three to whet your appetite.

  1. Meet someone for coffee and cake (or bake something and invite people over).

  2. Take up an exercise or dance class. Movement can bring people together as we’re sure the cast of Strictly Come Dancing will agree! Or are you a Strictly fan? You could you even start a Strictly Saturday TV club and get together with friends and family to watch it. Time was, we used to all gather around one TV screen to watch something together. Just sitting in the same room as somebody else and enjoying the same programme can be a lovely bonding (and self care) experience.

  3. Join a local library or even a book club. Did you know that studies have shown that reading increases empathy? Or just enjoy a book by your favourite feel-good author. Now the nights are drawing in, it’s a lovely and cosy way to spend an evening.

Happy Self Care Week in the meantime! How will you be taking care of yourself and feeling more connected?


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