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Marmalade Companions - Margaret's Story...

After the success of our first Marmalade Companions project, we're already planning ahead for 2023.

With the support of kind and committed volunteers, we were able to support 120 members in 2022, helping individuals to step out of loneliness. We aim to continue to support new members to build confidence and make long-lasting connections in their local community.

Margaret was one of our members involved with the Marmalade Companions project. She tells us all about her experience with the project...

“When I heard about the Marmalade Companions project, it sounded really good as I wanted more company and I liked the idea of finding more social links in my area.

I was extremely lonely through Covid. I never thought I would feel lonely, you just get really down.

I’ve worked with people all my life, lots of personalities, so I could never imagine that I would actually be someone alone.

At the start of the project I was feeling a bit down, so it was so lovely to have the phone call from my volunteer. We got chatting very easily, and we even shared bits of magazines by reading them out on the phone.

The calls make me feel better! I am now feeling more positive and more included.

Before the project I had been losing my confidence about going out because of my legs and knees, my mobility was getting worse.

We talked about things I like to do, about the past too, and any ideas I had. Years ago I was in the army, and my volunteer has put me back in touch with the Legion in my local area. It’s not far from me so I hope to be able to go there soon. They do lots of different things!”

Interested in volunteering with the Marmalade Trust?

We're currently recruiting volunteers for our Christmas Cheer project and Marmalade Companions 2023.


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