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“I will remember this as long as I live”

My boyfriend, Charlie and I decided to do something different for Christmas 2017. We love our families very much but we are in the fortunate position of having them all nearby. So, rather than eating and drinking too much on the big day, we wanted to do something for those who don’t have family and friends to celebrate with. When I found out about Marmalade Trust I was instantly drawn to the fantastic work they do and volunteered Charlie and I to be Lead Volunteers.

There was a lot of planning leading up to the day itself and we had some wonderful conversations with guests on the phone. This was great as we felt like we already knew most of them by the time we met. We both loved hosting on the day, seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter of all the guests. My favourite comment was from a gentleman who said; “I will remember this as long as I live”.

Christmas is a lonely and difficult time for so many and the work that the Marmalade Trust and their volunteers do really makes such a difference. Volunteering with Marmalade was one of the best, most rewarding experiences I’ve had to date.


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