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An inspirational advent: more goodwill comes Marmalade’s way

As most of us know, Christmas Day is not just a one-off date. A huge amount of planning goes into making it as special as possible and our Christmas Cheer lunch is no different. Especially when you have one hundred and fifty people to cater for – the Marmalade family is an ever-growing one!

Which is why we’re so pleased to have the support of bespoke coaching company Energised Performance. This year they’re running the Christmas Energised 12 Days of Advent, which means from 10th– 22nd December anyone can sign up to receive wellbeing mind, body and life tips, plus discount codes and special offers from local businesses, plus the chance to win a daily prize (we can’t promise it will be five golden rings or six maids-a-milking but you can live in hope). What’s more, for every person who signs up to this festive feel-good offering, Energised will donate £1 to Marmalade.

You guys!

Says Energised’s founder Kim Ingleby: “I love what the Marmalade Trust is doing. Loneliness is a common problem not just with the older population, but many younger people too.  Helping bring communities and people together to have real conversations, human contact, laughter and support is so valuable.  If we can do a tiny bit to help raise the awareness of their great work, and make a difference to a few people over the festive period if would be wonderful.  We hope it will encourage people to reach out and connect with their friends and family too, knowing a little time, a chat, phone call, text and a hug can make all the difference, however busy we all are.  Knowing you matter is important, to yourself and those around you.”

We’ve had so much love for our Christmas Cheer campaign and we couldn’t do it without the kindness and generosity of Energised Performance and others like them. If you or your company would like to help our appeal please email with the subject title ‘Christmas Cheer’

Find out more about Energised’s 12 Days of Advent at 


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