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The silent epidemic: New research by Nextdoor

A new survey by Nextdoor has revealed that 85% of UK adults have experienced loneliness within the last 12 months.

Almost half (44%) feel chronically lonely, with younger people feeling lonely most often.

A survey from Nextdoor in partnership with loneliness charity, The Marmalade Trust, has revealed that a staggering 85% of Brits have experienced loneliness in the last 12 months.

Nextdoor, the neighbourhood network, has partnered with loneliness charity, Marmalade Trust, ahead of Loneliness Awareness Week (Monday 12th June - Sunday 18th June) to address the loneliness epidemic and encourage people to talk openly about feelings of loneliness to help create meaningful connections online and in real life, that alleviate loneliness.

The research has found that almost half (44%) of UK adults feel chronically lonely, with younger people, surprisingly, feeling lonelier than older people; 53% of those under 34 reported feeling lonely often, while only 38% of over 65’s felt the same way.

However, almost all (97%) of people who responded want to help those feeling alone. Over two-thirds (72%) of people said they’d like to make more effort to talk to their neighbours and almost two-thirds (61%) of Brits stated they would absolutely be on hand to help a lonely neighbour.

Quintessentially, three-quarters (75%) of Brits would like to share a cup of tea or coffee with a neighbour to help ease loneliness.

Making new connections

For those wanting to create more connections and friendships, neighbourhood network Nextdoor, which is free to access online or via an app, is a great place to start. Everyone there will be in your neighbourhood and you can reach out to neighbours by posting on your newsfeed or finding a local group to join, based on your interests. There are hundreds of local groups on Nextdoor; ‘Dads and Donuts’, in East London, is just one of those.

Shaba Ali founded the informal men’s club after he noticed that many men around him were struggling with their mental health, largely brought on by the extra pressure from the increased cost of living and he wanted to provide a safe space for them to connect, talk and not be alone with their worries. The club, advertised on Nextdoor, comes together every fortnight and has around 30 attendees per session from all different walks of life. It’s a safe space for men to openly talk about how they’re feeling, Shaba said: “Connecting with others and knowing that someone is there to listen or share experience with, is crucial in tackling loneliness.

You’re making memories that bring happiness so you’ve got these moments to look back on and smile. This helps people later on in life, mentally, to have those times to look back on and think, it wasn’t so bad was it?”

Laura Roche, Managing Director at Nextdoor UK, said “Nextdoor helps neighbours connect and build meaningful relationships, combating loneliness and isolation. Neighbours use Nextdoor to discover in-person activities, such as coffee mornings, fitness groups, book clubs, and crafting clubs. Friendships can easily grow through shared interests.”

Loneliness Awareness Week 2023

Amy Perrin, Founder and CEO of Marmalade Trust, said “We are committed to raising awareness of loneliness and reducing its stigma. Together with Nextdoor, we’re shedding light on loneliness in our neighbourhoods. As we approach Loneliness Awareness Week 2023, let’s make an effort to connect with those around us and share a cuppa and a chat. It’s the little everyday interactions that can make a big difference in all our lives."

To find out how to get involved, head to

Nextdoor is completely free to download. To sign up to Nextdoor or to find out more, visit


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