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Celebrating the support of HEINEKEN UK this Loneliness Awareness Week

We want to highlight the support of Heineken UK as our main partner in delivering Loneliness Awareness Week this year. Heineken UK have been instrumental in helping to drive the campaign forward and shown their commitment to raising awareness of loneliness through a series of activities. 

Small talk makes a big difference

Heineken UK spearheaded a research piece looking into the power of connections and the role of pubs as the focal points of communities in bringing people together. From a nationally representative survey, they found that 55% of people feel happier and less lonely after making small talk with a stranger and that people yearn for more random acts of connection in their lives. 

The research highlighted the role of the pub as the place where people are most likely to talk to strangers and forge new connections and 54% of Britons said those small moments of connection they experience in pubs makes them feel less lonely. 

It was fantastic to see this research reiterating that the Random Acts of Connection we make can bring us together and help us to feel happier and less lonely and that the pub can be a good place to foster this sense of community! 

Fundraising focus week

Alongside the research, Heineken UK have organised so many different activities for Loneliness Awareness Week this year reaching across their whole workforce. They have a fundraising focus with activities like 'Move for Marmalade' raising £1 for every 1 mile an employee covers as well as Bake Sales, Pub Quizzes and competitions too with everyone from their pubs, breweries and head office getting involved! 

One of the highlights was the amazing cakes that Katrina from their Hereford cidery made for their bake sale. They were beautifully crafted and marmalade and Paddington themed.

Star Pubs & Bars engagement

Not only that but across lots of Heineken UK’s Star Pubs & Bars, they are using the food and drink menus to fundraise and raise awareness of our important work. The company has created a marmalade-themed dessert and cocktail and will make a donation on behalf of consumers to Marmalade Trust for each of these items sold, as well as including information about Marmalade Trust on menus. 

Ron Moody, CEO of the Marmalade Trust, reflected on the partnership; “At Marmalade Trust we believe it’s crucial to raise awareness that loneliness is a natural human emotion, one that affects people of all ages.

Our partnership with HEINEKEN UK is invaluable in terms of helping to raise this awareness and remove the social stigma attached to loneliness. Together, we are dedicated to fostering this understanding and to building a more compassionate community - we’re using Loneliness Awareness Week to start conversations, build connections, and support one another.

Perhaps next time you are down your local pub, ask them how their day is. You never know, it could lead to a lasting friendship”. 


For their ongoing support and for their role in making Loneliness Awareness Week so impactful!


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