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10 fundraising ideas for 2023

Your fundraising will raise the money that’s crucial to help Marmalade Trust support some of the loneliest people in our region to make connections and have fun. It will also help us run national and international campaigns to raise awareness about loneliness across all sections of society.

And it can be fun and rewarding – you get to choose exactly what you do! Here are some ideas for anyone keen to help us out by raising some money in support of Marmalade Trust.

1 - Do a year of good deeds

Why not think of giving as something you do year-round rather than once? By organising a series of events throughout a year, you, your family and your friends can all join in the fundraising.

2. Get your pets involved

The UK is a nation of animal lovers, and as a population we obsess over our four-legged friends. A number of organised charity events have launched for those that want to spend time with their pets and raise money for a good cause. Some like the Dog Jog are open to all abilities and are a fun way to spend a day out with other dog owners, where both you and your pet get some exercise and help raise money for Marmalade Trust.

3. Take part in a running event

Planning to get back into running in the new year? Why not pick Marmalade Trust as the recipient of your 5k, 10k or marathon sponsorship money! There are a lot of races taking place around the country in 2023, so it should be easy to find one near you. Whichever event you choose, our team will support you on your event journey - just shoot us an email to let us know what you're up to!

Sally Greenland, one of our superstar fundraisers, ran an incredible 46 muddy miles around Bristol to support Marmalade Trust, smashing her £2,000 target! Read more >

4. Give up something you love

It might not be easy for some, but it should be relatively simple for most people to give up something they enjoy for a month in order to raise some money for charity. This is another option for the creative among you, as you can choose to ditch the thing that you know your supporters will be most surprised you are giving up.

5. Take the plunge and swim

Challenges that involve swimming are great for all ages and all abilities. Organised events such as the Swimathon are becoming more and more popular, and allow people to take to the water to raise money for a cause they really care about.

6. Set a personal goal

If a marathon doesn’t appeal, you can set your own personal target, or arrange an event in collaboration with a class you attend. Choose whatever works for you: skipping, rolling, swimming, rowing, yoga, zumba or kickboxing… anything goes! Set the time or distance for your challenge, and you can use a range of apps to record your progress.

Ruth Yudkin set herself the challenge of getting to Grade 1 on the jazz trumpet in 3 months. She passed (with a merit!) AND raised a whopping £1,686 for Marmalade Trust! Read more >

7. Organise a performance evening

Are you part of a local choir or drama company - or just know some talented neighbours? How about hosting a fundraising performance or gala to raise money? This is another great way to bring your community together, and do something really fun and worthwhile at the same time!

8. Organise a school event

A great way to raise money and engage with your local community is to organise a charity event with your children’s school. Having an activity day, that is linked to an online fundraising page, is an innovative way to teach kids about loneliness as well as social responsibility and ICT.

9. Host your own live stream event

If you love gaming, this is the challenge for you. Read the guide to setting up your live stream here, then get started with spreading the word with family, friends and followers! If streaming isn't your thing - grab some retro consoles, borrow some TVs, and you’ve got yourself a gaming event. Go all night, and you’ve got a marathon. This fundraising event is great for the whole family.

10. Set up a silent auction

Gather your friends, family or colleagues and host a silent auction - you could even do this online. Get creative with the auction items. Think about experiences instead of things. Perhaps you have a donor willing to grant access to their holiday home for the weekend, for instance.

Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to fundraise for Marmalade Trust over the past year. And to everyone who sets themselves a challenge this year - whatever you decide to do, thank you for supporting us!


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