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Support us.

We are a tiny charity who make a big impact. we simply could not do it without the help of you kind and generous folks out there. Whether you donate, fundraise, volunteer or simply share our message on your social media, we thank you so much for your support. It really does means the world to us and our members.


Marmalade Companions 2022

Volunteer with us

Volunteer application forms are now OPEN. We're looking for caring and friendly volunteers to support us with our Christmas Cheer and Marmalade Companions projects.

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Donate to Marmalade Trust

Whatever you can offer, we'll gladly accept. Every penny helps :)

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Are you feeling lonely?

Loneliness can often feel overwhelming and something out of our control, so it can be useful to have a starting point. To help you and others to feel less lonely we have framed it into three parts...

  1. Acknowledge loneliness in yourself or others

  2. Identify what you or they need

  3. Take the appropriate action